About Pivot Doc

IMGP0321.JPG.w180h135The Pivot Doc LLC offers a wide array of services from standard end tower control systems, corner systems and linear move systems to GPS equipped PPCIII machines, Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), and remote control from your phone, laptop or other smart device to electrical service, water line fabrication and installation and complete installs.  Our customers choose us because we offer fast, efficient, professional installations. We have many years in the industry, and will work to meet your needs.  If you need capabilities beyond your service dept, we’re here to help with knowledgeable, factory trained service techs.  We have experience and knowledge of many challenging installations, operating systems, and optional equipment.

The Pivot Doc LLC is your premier full service T/L Irrigation dealer in the York, NE region!

From ground up, well head-power unit to end gun, we can get you set up.

Call today or contact us for more information and to visit about your needs